Weight Management

Proper diet and exercise are important components of all weight management programs.  But these elements are often not sufficient. Peptides such as semaglutide promote weight loss by boosting food satiety (feelings of fullness), increasing muscle mass, and by metabolizing adipose (fat) cells. We are able to provide compounds biologically similar to popular but expensive weight loss medications at a fraction of the cost. Our therapists will work with you to develop a Weight Management Plan specific to your needs and goals.  They will work with you and support you along your weight loss journey.

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We combine a number of powerful therapies, including peptides, photobiomodulation (light therapy), and hormone balancing. In addition, we address pain and injuries that may be impairing your the ability to exercise. We provide both in-office therapy plus telemedicine support in the convenience of your home.

Most people have gained their weight over many years so reversing the trend requires time and patience.  That said, we can accelerate the weight loss process by the combining highly effective therapies and frequent interaction with our therapists. Each weight loss program is tailored to individual needs and can be expected to last for several weeks.

We offer package pricing for our combination therapies that are highly competitive.  We are able to offer peptides at a discount to exorbitant pharmacy pricing. 

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