Resonant Medical Clinic Located in Newport Beach

Resonant Clinic in Newport Beach, California, specializes in the use of safe, effective, and proven therapies that stimulate the body’s natural regenerative powers to heal, strengthen and energize. Clinic therapists have years of experience in the use of natural, non-surgical therapies with an extensive track record of success.

The Clinic offers a variety of anti-aging and wellness treatments, including their popular Celebrity Weight Loss Program, Acoustic Wave Erectile Dysfunction treatment, Aesthetic Services featuring MicroNeedling Facials, and more.

The Celebrity Weight Loss program combines a number of powerful therapies, including peptides such as semaglutide at a fraction of the cost of branded medications. In addition, they employ other natural peptides that suppress appetite and promote lean muscle mass.

Erectile Dysfunction services at Resonant Clinic are provided by highly skilled therapists using painless Acoustic Wave Therapy and hormone optimization treatment with over an 85% success rate. Patients may also benefit from lifestyle counseling which can help them improve their self-confidence and manage stress and other factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Exosome/ Microneedling Facials are offered by the clinic as an innovative anti-aging solution which utilizes cell rejuvenation technology. This method stimulates the body’s own natural healing process in order to reduce wrinkles and restore skin elasticity. It also helps improve tone and texture for a youthful look with minimal downtime.

At Resonant Clinic, each patient receives personalized care based on their unique health concerns so they can achieve optimal wellness results. With comprehensive treatments that combine medical expertise with cutting edge technology, patients can enjoy improved physical comfort and health outcomes while feeling better about themselves both inside and out.


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    We Specialize In Treating


    Weight Management

    Proper diet and exercise are important components of all weight management programs.  But these elements are often not sufficient. Peptides such as semaglutide promote weight loss by boosting food satiety (feelings of fullness), increasing muscle mass, and by metabolizing adipose (fat) cells.


    Exosome Facial

    Our experienced therapists are ready to help you regain that youthful look using the most innovative and natural skin rejuvenation treatment available – Exosomes combined with Microneedling.


    Musculoskeletal Pain / Injury Recovery

    Tennis elbow?  Plantar fasciitis?  How about shoulder pain? With age comes wisdom (hopefully) but also aches and pains. After the usual measures of ice, anti-inflammatory medications, and rest fail to provide sought-after relief, what are your other options? See how we can help take away pain and restore your mobility.

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    Erectile Dysfunction/ Peyronie's Disease

    We specialize in the treatment of ED and Peyronie’s disease, which often go together.  Painful erections due to Peyronie’s disease do not go away with time.We can eliminate the pain and restore normal erectile function without pills or injections using acoustic wave therapy.

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    Stress Urinary Incontinence

    Stress urinary incontinence, you know that bothersome leakage that occurs when sneezing, laughing or exercising, affects 1/3 of all women.  We offer a non-surgical, painless approach to restoring normal urinary control using the patented   system.

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    Peripheral Neuropathy

    If you are suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy in the feet and hands we can help.  Our therapists use a combination of acoustic wave therapy, photobiomodulation (light therapy), and peptides to reduce pain and burning, improve circulation and regain mobility.

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    We offer package pricing for multiple treatments and can arrange financing We are conveniently located adjacent Fashion Island in Newport Beach with plenty of free parking.